Motivation Theory
An exploration of motivation theory, with a major question being explored-- What motivates us? Can positive motivation help? How is music related to motivation? How does music aid in positive thinking? Site also includes links to motivational tools which includes discussion on goal setting; and, music and motivation, which discusses the power of music.


Berkeley Psychophysiology Laboratory
Studies human emotion by examining the subjective experience of emotion, emotional behavior, and physiological reactivity to emotional stimuli.  Current research focuses on: age and emotion, dementia and emotion, and ethnicity and emotion.

Paul Ekman's Studies on Emotion
The website of emotion psychologist, Paul Ekman.  Includes many of his studies and publications on emotions, some of which can be downloaded.  Has many of his studies on facial expressions, emotions, lying and more.

Stanford Psychophysiology Laboratory
This laboratory is an extension of the psychology department at Stanford University and studies the psychology of emotion.  Areas include the affective consequences of emotion, the neural basis of emotion, personality, and more.

The Shyness Clinic
A treatment program for shyness.

The Shyness Institute
A research organization focusing on shyness, social anxiety and related anxiety disorders.

What is an Emotion?
An original article by William James, first published in 1884.