Academic Articles on Working Memory
A listing of articles on working memory. Developed by faculty at the Royal Holloway University of London.

A Neurologist's Notebook--The Abyss: Music and Amnesia
A look at the case of Clive Wearing from Neuroscientist, Dr. Oliver Sacks.

Genetic Memory: How We Know Things We Never Learned
Genetic memory, simply put, is complex abilities and actual sophisticated knowledge inherited along with other more typical and commonly accepted physical and behavioral characteristics.

How Can Musicians Keep Playing Despite Amnesia?
The story of Clive Wearing.

Memory & Cognition
A journal of the psychonomic society. Covers discussions and articles on human memory and learning, conceptual processes and much more.

Memory Exploratorium
The San Francisco Exploratorium site includes a number of fascinating memory demonstrations and activities. The demonstrations cover the topics of earliest memories, facial recognition, and encoding (including a replication of the Nickerson and Adams' test for the memory of pennies). Separate sections are devoted to interesting articles and lectures on memory and a huge collection of links to other memory sites, which can be found below.

Memory Links at the Exploratorium
Includes many interesting links on such areas as: human brain, memory and computers, collective memory, remembering and forgetting, repressed, recalled and false memories, and memory games.

Mind tools: Memory Techniques & Mnemonics
Includes many articles and links on memory: association, imagination and location, memory fallacies, learning styles and mnemonics, memory methods, applications of mnemonic techniques such as learning foreign languages, using mnemonics for exams, remembering names, lists, words, numbers and so on.

Olympiad: Mind Sports
Mind sports will be the focus of the 21st century. This site presents thinking games. The competitors play each other at a variety of well-known strategy games, such as chess, bridge, draughts, checkers, backgammon, scrabble, Othello, Go, etc.;, and compete for gold, silver, bronze and other prizes. Includes online games that you can play against other users or robots. You can also download these games free.

The site also contains 1433 links of other mind games including chess, card games, classic games, mental skills, oriental games, proprietary games, etc.

Repressed Memories & Recovered Memory Therapy (RMT)
Overview, definition and techniques used in RMT.

The Amnesia and Cognition Unit
Developed by the Department of Psychology at the University of Arizona. Includes current projects, publications and related links pertaining to the psychology of memory.

The Thinking People
A list of scientists conducting research in the psychology of memory at the University of Washington.  Click on their thought lab.

Zen Memory
Mystical meditations for memory improvement. Includes a discussion on memory herbs, chakra power, Zen, imagination and much more.

Video Clips

Making Your Mind: Molecules, Motion, and Memory
Lecture 1 Mapping Memory in the Brain
by Eric R. Kandel, M.D.

Making Your Mind: Molecules, Motion, and Memory
Lecture 4 Memories Are Made of This
by Eric R. Kandel, M.D.

Living Without Memory-The Story of Clive Wearing

Clive Wearing - Part 1a

Wearing - Part 1b

Wearing- Part 2a

Wearing- Part 2b

Wearing - Part 2c

Wearing - Part 2d

Clive Wearing-A Man Without Memory (HHMI)

An Update on Clive Wearing (2013)