Classics in the History of Psychology
An interesting wealth of resources at York University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada authored by Christopher D. Green..  The classics in the history of psychology provides on-line access to classic readings in psychology.  

Division 26, APA: The Society for the History of Psychology
A division of the American Psychological Association, includes the History of Psychology journal, special articles, and other important links to the history of psychology resources.

Famous Figures in Psychology
This site is devoted to the most influential psychologists of the past and present, including Wundt, Watson, Freud, Piaget and others.

History of Psychology
Dr. William J. House's page on the history of psychology. It includes the development of and contributions to psychology from across the world. Includes an overview of ancient times, the Christian era, the renaissance period and contributions to psychology in the 20th century.

History of Psychology
Dr. John Nichols' History of Psychology page.  Provides a collection of links to useful resources on psychology's history.

The site also includes additional web links on the subject, including a link to the history of neuroscience.

History of Psychology Headlines
This site traces events significant to psychology from 1650 to 1959.  Includes stories and headlines from periodicals.

Lifschitz Psychology Museum
This site includes a history of psychology exhibit and psychology in the cinema.

Max Planck Institute for the History of Science
Includes some interesting links on the history of science. Also includes a digital research library and a special project on Albert Einstein.

Museum of the History of Psychological Instrumentation
This site contains downloadable illustrations of early psychological laboratory research apparatus, including that used by Wundt.  The site contains experimental apparatus used in specific areas of inquiry in psychology.

Today in the History of Psychology
This site provides a chronology of psychology's milestones.  Find out what important event happened in psychology on your birthday.  Then go to the discussion forum and share this with your classmates.

The Barnard College History of Psychology Collection
Site shows historical instrumentation and apparatus used in psychological experiments by faculty in the department of psychology.  Includes pictures of instruments used to study vision, audition, olfaction, applied research and more.